The Heron Randonneur

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The Heron Randonneur is a bicycle in the style of the French constructeurs. It is designed to be a comfortable and versatile long-distance road bike. While well-suited for all types of road riding, it is perfect for randonneuring. Randonneuring is long-distance unsupported endurance cycling. This type of cycling is non-competitive and is growing in popularity all around the world. For more information about randonneuring in the US, check out Randonneurs USA at <>.

The constructeurs of France built not justthe frame, but the complete bicycle. In this manner, they could integrate the components into the bicycle much better than they could with off-the-shelf parts. The Heron Randonneur is NOT a complete bicycle, but it is a package of components ideal for randonneuring use. The Heron Randonneur includes:

Frame and Fork - The frame and fork of the Heron Randonneur are designed to permit simple attachment of the key components as well as provide the quality of ride and ease of handling needed for long-distance rides. The frame has braze-ons for attachment of three water bottle cages, rear taillights (on both lower seatstays), the saddlebag support rack, and fenders. A low bottom bracket and tall head tube and fork rotate the rider to a more upright position. A long wheelbase provides a smooth ride while the steering geometry is stable enough to be handled by a fatigued rider in the middle of the night without being overly slow.

Berthoud Stainless Steel Fenders ­ These are classic French fenders that not only look great but are long enough for ample protection from wet roads. They are pre-drilled to fit the frame making installation a snap.

Berthoud Leather Mudflap ­ A proper front fender should have a flexible mudflap to keep road spray from the rider¹s feet. The Berthoud mudflap accomplishes this in style.

Berthoud Handlebar Bag ­ Another French classic is this handlebar bag. Not only does it look like fine luggage, it¹s practical , too. The cotton fabric is water-resistant and the leather straps are long-lasting. A clear map case on the top provides easy access to cue sheets and maps. The bag includes Berthoud¹s unique stem-mount system to keep the bag stable. Bags are sized according to frame size for proper fit.

Carradice Custom Pendle Saddlebag ­ The Pendle saddlebag is just the right size for randonneuring. The version that we use has been custom-made to match the look of the Berthoud handlebar bag. The cotton duck fabric is quite water-resistant. Side pockets provide additional storage and can be used for additional water bottles.

Nitto Custom Front Mini-Rack ­ This is a custom version of Nitto¹s front mini-rack. The rack provides support for the Berthoud handlebar bag as well as provides a mount for the headlight. A low headlight mount such as this provides a better beam pattern and makes it easier to see road irregularities. The rack itself is, like most things from Nitto, quite beautiful. It mounts to the cantilever bosses and fork crown.

Nitto Rear Mini-Rack ­ The rear rack is intended for saddlebag support. It will keep the bag off of the rear fender and support a large load. It mounts to the seatpost and to our custom seatstay braze-ons.

Schmidt SON Dynohub ­ The Schmidt hub is another classic, this time from Germany. The hub has a built-in dynamo which provides power to light the headlight. With this hub, you never need to worry about batteries again. Compared to other dynamo systems, the SON hub has lower drag. Unlike sidewall generators, it is unaffected by snow and rain. The hub is polished silver and looks great.

Lumotec 3.0W Headlight (standard) ­ The Lumotec headlight provides a narrow, but very effective beam. It¹s efficient design provides light that is comparable to lighting systems with a much higher power rating. This efficiency allows great nighttime visibility with extremely low mechanical resistance from the SON hub. A built-in reflector is included with the Lumotec. This is the standard light in the Heron Randonneur package.

Schmidt E6 3.0W Headlight (optional) ­ The Schmidt E6 headlight is available as an extra cost option. The Schmidt light provides a better beam pattern than the Lumotec, but at an added cost. There is no provision for a built-in reflector

Nitto Pearl Stem ­ The Pearl stem is likely the finest quill stem available on the market today. It is cold-forged, strong, and beautiful. The Pearl will work well with the Berthoud handlebar bag stem mount.

The Heron Randonneur Package comes only in British Racing Green and includes the frame, fork, fenders, mudflap, handlebar bag, saddlebag, front and rear mini-racks, dynohub, Lumotec headlight, and stem. Suggested retail price is $2300 (does not include shipping, prep, or bicycle assembly).

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