All Heron accessories are available through your Heron dealer.

Posters - $15
There is a long history of bicycle poster art. For years, it was one of the primary methods of advertising for many brands. Today, we look at these posters as fineart. Bridgestone revived the bicycle poster in 1993, and we continue the tradition today.

This poster is the work of the husband and wife team of Steve and Wendy Tritt of Sycamore, IL. It's printed on high-quality paper and is suitable for framing.

Heron T-Shirts - $20
These are High-quality, heavyweight shirts. They are 100% combed ring spun cotton which makes them nice and soft. Featuring our new logo and are available in black or forest green.

Pumps - $50

For a classic touch to your Heron, we offer Planet Bike Roadie frame pumps in all four Heron colors. These are painted in the factory right alongside our frames so you get the same great finish.

These pumps are designed to fit frames with or without a pump peg. The best fit on our pump-peg-equipped Herons is obtained by placing the head of the pump at the seat tube end of the top tube with the lever on the right side of the frame. The opposite end of the pump should be turned so the handle is on top. The end of the handle fits above the pump peg. On some sizes, you may have to place the end of the handle below the peg, compress the pump all the way, and slide the end up and over the peg.

Here are the sizes that fit:

Frame sizes 52 to 54 - Medium Pump

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Frame size 55 - No fit without modifying the pump
Frame sizes 56 to 63 - Large Pump

Touch-Up Paint - $15
Factory paint in a small bottle for those inevitable touch-ups.

Replacement Headbadge - $10
To replace your Heron's Headbadge or just for a cool keepsake. Comes with adhesive backing for easy installation.

All prices are Suggested Retail and are Subject to Change.

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